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The Amateur Walking Union of Australia was formed in 1923 to represent the interests of the the walking clubs from NSW, Victoria, SA and Queensland. This first body served the walking community of Australia well over the next 30 years and was the forerunner to what we now call Racewalking Australia.

In 1958, in the aftermath of the Melbourne Olympics, a new body was formed, namely the Australian Federation of Amateur Walking Clubs. The walking community within Australia had grown over the years and was time to form a Federation of all the major Race Walking Clubs of the States and Territories of Australia.

This Federation has traded continuously since 1958 and now trades under the name Racewalking Australia with a Business name of Australian Federation of Race Walking Clubs. So you will find that older pages on this website continue to refer to AFORWC or even to AFRWC but newer pages now refer to the Federation under its preferred trading name of Racewalking Australia.

Racewalking Australia's  main "raison d'etre" has changed little since 1923. It continues is to act as the parent body concerned with Race Walking in Australia and endeavours to guide and co-ordinate walking activities in Australia. To this end we

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All Racewalking Australia enquires should be directed to either President Tim Erickson or Secretary Mark Worrall via email

Mr Mark Worrall
Racewalking Australia    
Presidency is currently vacant


All the nobs were on the scratch -
Dr Doyle and Father Fagerty,
Come to see the walking match
'Twixt the famous Burke and Rafferty.

Devil a one has seen such fun
this side of Erin's Isle,
When Patsy Cassidy fired his gun
and Rafferty won the mile.

By Will Lawson, in his book 'Old Man Murray', published 1937.