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It's impossible to keep up with the rapid growth rate in websites dedicated to or associated with the sport of racewalking. The following list should be seen as a representative sample of what's out there rather than as a definitive list. I welcome any new additions - email me at and I will add your site.

Centurion and Ultra-walking groups around the World

Australian Centurions
New Zealand Centurions
Dutch Centurions
American Centurions
British Centurions  (The definitive Spanish ultra walking website) (The definitive French ultra walking webwite)
Paris-Colmar site
For the Continental Centurions based in Holland, check out OLAT website or RWV website

New Zealand Sites

Athletics New Zealand
Quentin's Blog
New Zealand Centurions
Race Walking New Zealand
Racewalking Auckland
Taranaki Racewalking Club
Wellington Scottish

International Sites

The Olympic Movement - Home Page
International Association of Athletic Federations   (world rankings and general athletics news articles here) (News Wire for daily updates on all things athletic)   (comprehensive blog site on all things athletics)

European Sites

The International Four Days Marches Nijmegen
Rotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging
OLAT (Dutch Walking Club) (very comprehensive French Track and Field site)
German Racewalking Official Website 
Italian Racewalking Federation
Swiss Racewalking Federation
Dominique Guebey's Racewalking Website
European Athletics website
O Marchador Blogspot
Cybermarcheur (French racewalk/ultrawalk site)

English Sites

British Centurions
Stock Exchange Athletics Club
Long Distance Walking Assn (LDWA )
UK Athletics Club Website Directory
Race Walking Assn (England)
UK Racewalking Discussion Group
Race Walking Record Magazine
Athletics Weekly Magazine
Surrey Walking Club (England's oldest walking club)
RaceWalk UK (English Racewalking Results and Statistics website)
SPIKES - British Athletics website and magazine

American and Canadian Sites

North American Racewalking Association (NARF)
Racewalking 101
Racewalk com
Curt Sheller - Racewalking
Dave McGovern - World Class Racewalking
Park Racewalkers
Wendy Bumgardner's AboutWalking Walking Page
Southern Indiana Racewalkers
USA T&F Association - Racewalking Page
ONEList Racewalking List Site

Sites from elsewhere in the World

South African Race Walking Portal
Venezuelan RaceWalking

General Sites

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Newsletters, Magazines, etc

Dave McGovern racewalking articles (USA)
Team Oregon Running Walking and Fitness (USA)
Race Walking Record Magazine (UK)
Athletics Weekly Magazine (UK)
SPIKES Quarterly Athletics Magazine (UK)