Postal Challenge/State Challenge


July 1, 2015

Information for clubs is now available for the 2015 Postal/State Challenge

State Challenge organiser Mark Donahoo will soon advise the Postal Challenge dates on which each RWA club may schedule their carnival. This allows for those clubs who want to schedule it during Schools Holidays and also caters for those clubs who want to keep it outside school holidays. As always, chat with mark Donahoo if you have difficulties in fitting in with these dates. We try to be as flexible as possible to help our clubs participate in the Challenge.


  • The Racewalking Australia State Challenge event is a RWA club-versus-club teams competition with points being awarded within each race to the top finisher for each club.
  • Walkers may compete in more than one event on the day provided the events are held at different times.  A walker cannot walk in two different age groups in a concurrent race.
  • Age is 'age on the day' for all walkers including Masters. Note RWA Masters is 35+.
  • Full results should be forwarded to Mark Donahoo, the event moderator. Mark's email address is
  • Mark will allocate points as follows: (1 pt for first overall, 2 pts for 2nd, 3 pts for 3rd, 4 pts for 4th and then all others clubs will be awarded 5 pts whether they have entered a competitor in that event or not.
  • Once the scores for the  individual races has been determined, the overall score for clubs of 40 members or less will be divided by 1.6, the overall score for clubs with 80 members or less will be divided by 1.3 and the overall score of clubs with over 80 members will be divided by 1. Club numbers are based on membership numbers as submitted at the previous RWA AGM.
  • As in previous years, the club with the smallest total wins the Challenge.

Download the club results spreadsheet below.



10km     Racewalking Australia Challenge      Open Men
10km     Racewalking Australia Challenge      Open Women