Australian walking's oldest shield

The trophy was donated by Mr T. Glover and Son on 14 July 1923 and is still in use today. 

During the last 80 years, it has undergone many changes but still remains a relevant and highly coverted teams race. Nine ‘Australian 7 Mile Championships’ were held between the years of 1923 and 1937.

Download archived results - Australian 7 Mile Championships

The following photo was taken at the presentations for the 1926 Australian 7 Mile Championship which was held in Melbourne. It shows the same Glover Shield which is still in use today – but with many fewer badges!

From left to right are Ted Drayton (Vic), Snowy McCavanagh (SA), unknown, Bill Dickinson (Sec. VAAA), Rex Merrick (Vic Judge), Bill Billsborrow (VAAA Official), Jim Cole (SA), Frank O’Rourke (Judge), Bert Gardiner (Vic Capt), Harry Fitzgerald (SA Judge), Bob Osborne (Vic). In 1939, the distance was changed from 7 miles to 10,000m but the Second World War intervened after only one further championship and the race was not held again until 1946.

In 1946, the race was resurrected but in a new format with Senior and Junior sections being contested.

Download archived results - 1939 to 1958 

After 1958, major changes were made by the newly formed Australian Federation of Amateur Walking Clubs. The Glover Shield became once again a senior event under the auspices of AFAWC and a separate Federation shield (the Robinson Shield) was contested for juniors, also over 10 km. The Glover Shield was now alternated bi-annually with the Alexander Cup which was contested over a 50 km distance.

Download archived results - 1960 to 1991

After 1991, the Alexander Cup (now held over 20 km) was retired and the Glover Shield was changed to the 20 km distance. Since then, the event has been contested annually over the distance of 20 km.

Download archived results - 1992 to 2007

This Shield remains the oldest and historically most valuable item of walking history in Australia. We are so lucky that former walking officials had the forsight to institute it and keep it going.